Wednesday, January 20, 2010

red prairie press

one of my best finds are these scarves from red prairie press.
i absolutely love the look and love the price and the colors and just everything about them!
each scarf is only $18


  1. Love these scarves...just the right look and just the right price!

  2. LOVE these - i think i'll be making a purchase today in fact! SO excited about this blog teenee. SO excited for you to do my shopping for me! love it!!

  3. dude... i freaking love the idea of this blog! i love your style... you totally have a talent. and like the person above, i am stoked that you can do my shopping for me (i hate shopping). i'm ordering a scarf right now. LOVE it!

  4. these are fabulous scarves! yum. and what a great blog idea -- my mom always raves about the accessories you guys picked out for her in london.