Wednesday, March 16, 2011


hey followers of classy covet. i am doing a giveaway over at my new blog.
please check it out!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

new blog!!

Did you love Classy Covet? Do you miss Classy Covet posts? Do you want Classy Covet back? If you answered yes to one, two, or all of these, you're in luck! I have started a new blog with my two sisters. It's just like Classy Covet, but to the extreme. It's Classy Covet to the third power! I hope you all come see it and become followers of "styled by 3" Enjoy!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

zooshoo giveaway winner

we have a winner of the hot heels!! that winner is...


who said, "The best way to wear these shoes is with nothing else!" love it!

thank you to everyone who entered!!!

nfmgirl, please email with your full name, address,
with your size and color choice. click here to see your options.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

guest coveter - leslie

fall frenzy

I love sweaters. I think my love for sweaters is unhealthy. Seriously. But I love them. Cardigans. Pullovers. Hoodies. Vests. Wraps. Chunky. Thin. Anything. I love sweaters. Everyone looks good in a sweater. And thankfully, summer is over, and I can start wearing sweaters again. But sweaters are not the only amazing thing about fall. Tights. Yes. I can go two seasons without shaving my legs and still looking fantastic in skirts and dresses. Yum. I also love the colors of fall. Deep blues. Oranges. Tan. Grey. Rich purples. Yellows. Reds. Black. Green. I might only wear blue, grey, black and tan, but I still love looking at the colors of fall.

So, cue fantasy fall shopping.

images from toast and j.crew

If I had to sum fall up in one word, it would be easy: COZY.

special thanks to leslie for sharing her love for fall and her sweater covets!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

zooshoo giveaway

fall is approaching and i always find it to be a bitter sweet time of year. i love the changing
colors and cooler temperatures, but i don't like knowing it means winter is around the corner.
to keep your spirits up this end of summer/fall season, i am giving away some
adorable heels to kick off the new time of year.

these heels have had my eye on them since i became of fan of zooshoo and i want them
to be yours. the winner will get to choose their color (red, blue, black or grey).

here's how to enter:
1 entry- become a fan of zooshoo on facebook
1 entry- being/becoming a follower of classy covet
1 entry- coming up with the most creative way to wear these adorable heels
3 entries- making a purchase at during this giveaway
(leave a comment for each entry you have done)

*also remember to use coupon code: CLASSYCOVET at during
this giveaway to receive 10% off your entire purchase when you buy shoes.

the giveaway will end at midnight on Wednesday, September 22nd
so make sure to check back on the 23rd to find out if you're the lucky winner.

This giveaway is for U.S. residents only

Thursday, September 2, 2010

csn stores review

before i took the time to write my review, i wanted the full csn stores experience.
now that i have had it, here i go.

after being approached by the great people at csn about doing a review, i went right on their site to find exactly what i wanted. i would compare this site to others like it has a little of everything. i browsed their site adding many things to my cart, but holding back to just get one great thing (my budget would allow) for the time being and to test out the experience.

i found the item i wanted and discovered that it was out of stock. to my excitement, they had the choice of emailing me when it was again available, i was so excited i signed right up. i also emailed the company hoping they could tell me when it would be back in stock. i wasn't expecting anything because i had done this sort of thing before and stores always told me they don't have any idea when an item will be re-stocked. to my great surprise i received an email back within a couple hours telling me when they assumed it would be back. i was thrilled to get any date at all.

a week or so later, i received another email from csn with a coupon code for my next order as an apology that my item wasn't in yet. wow! what great customer service. i thought that was a great way to keep the customer happy and i had never seen anything like it.

when the assuming date arrived, i looked online and the item wasn't in still, but it was just 3 days later. that's good enough for me. i got the email telling me it was available and i went right on and bought it. the purchasing part was just as easy as everything else and they accept paypal, wahoo!

i went with the most basic shipping because i tend to like to save the money. though it was still a little pricey for my liking, i received my item in about a week.
overall, i was very satisfied with my transaction and with csn stores. i will be shopping there again.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

pine meadow giveaway winner

congratulations too...


who won an adorable hat from pine meadow.

Elise, please email ( your full name, address and color preference
for your cute hat (blue, pink or white) and it will be on it's way!

thank you to everyone who entered and took interests in this etsy site!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

zooshoo giveaway winner

drum roll please...
the winner is....
Midwestern Gone Idahoan
thank you to everyone who entered!! congratulations to ms. idahoan!!
please email you full name, address, size and color preference.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

nail polish lovin'

i have recently found a nail polish that i am so thrilled about. i have tried so many brands
and was addicted to opi for a long time, until now. not only is this polish cheap ($5/bottle),
but it actually stays on, has less chipping incidents and is thick enough you only need one coat.
the brand is ulta. you may or may not have heard of their stores
(click here to find a store near you). you can purchase their brand of polish in the store or online.
did i mention it's only $5 a bottle? to check out some of the colors visit ulta's website. they recently
had a buy one get one free sale (which happens pretty often) so watch for it again and
get two bottles for $5, such a great deal!! happy nail polish shopping.

Friday, August 6, 2010

guest coveter - helena

Hi, I'm Helena. And I write Life in the Pitts.

I love shopping sprees. But my husband isn't a fan of what that does to our
checking account. So I found a new way to get my fix.

I shop online. I go from site to site and fill up shopping carts with awesome
deals and expensive clothes.

And then? I close the window, and walk away.

It's therapeutic.

You should give it a try.

Here are some of the items that I didn't buy today.

Subtotal: $615.91

Taxes: A really big number

Shipping: I don't even want to think about it

Grand Total: $0.00

And yet, it is was very, very satisfying.

special thanks to helena for sharing her creative way of shopping and fun covets.
visit her blog to share your "what i didn't buy today"

Monday, August 2, 2010

pine meadow giveaway!!

i recently ordered some baby beanies from this etsy site and it was a very pleasant experience.
it started when i went to etsy's home page and typed in "baby beanies. pine meadow came up as one of the least expensive options. of course i clicked it and it took me to her site full of hats. i loved them,
but didn't see the color i wanted. i clicked on "contact seller" to find out if she would custom make some beanies for me. she emailed back that same day with enthusiasm to make whatever i had in mind.
we emailed back and forth until i finally could make a decision on what i wanted. she had so many options, i couldn't decide. within a couple days, my order was completed and shipped.
within a couple more days, my beautiful hats arrived and i love them!
i got two hats, custom made for $13.50 (this price includes shipping). what an awesome deal!! homemade, custom made, beautiful hats. i could not have asked for a better transaction.

so getting to the point, this amazing seller has so graciously accepted my offer to do a giveaway. if you haven't noticed, this is my first post for little ones. you will be seeing more of these, but i will try to keep them to a minimum. if you are a mommy, i know you have covets for your kiddies. i am not a mommy yet, but will be soon and i find myself shopping for my future babes now more than myself.
hey, a giveaway is a giveaway and that means free stuff!

if you win this giveaway, you will get one of these adorable beanies
(your choice of blue, pink or white).

here is how to enter...
* be/become a follower of classy covet
* make pine meadow a favorite seller on etsy
* (3 entries) purchase an item from pine meadow
* share this giveaway on facebook and/or your blog
** leave a comment for each entry

this giveaway will end august 23rd at midnight,
so check back on august 24th to see if you are the lucky winner.

good luck!!!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

today, i wish i were wearing this

i don't know if you have noticed from past posts, but my go to color while shopping
is grey. i try my hardest to steer clear because my closet is mostly grey, but i just can't
help that it goes with everything and i just love it so much! for today's coveted outfit,
i let myself be grey and i wish i were wearing this right now!

shoes by steve madden: was $49.95, now $14.95
pants by marc jacobs: was $228.00, now $90.99

Friday, July 23, 2010

janelleybeads giveaway winner

the lucky prize goes to...


congratulations Kelly and thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway!
remember, you can still enter the zooshoo giveaway if you haven't already.

Kelly, please email the following information to
your full name and address as well as your color choice (silver or bronze).

Thursday, July 15, 2010

pre-review: csn stores

i love online shopping! i love shopping in general, but who doesn't like when they can
click a few buttons and a coveted item shows up on their door steps? i have recently found that
i love the online stores that offer a little of everything. if you are like me you would love these csn stores. they sell everything from dining room furniture to pet supplies. i have been
browsing their site (maybe a little too much) and here are my latest covets.

i am excited to be doing a review for them, so stay tuned for the upcoming review.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

zooshoo giveaway, happy summer!!

zooshoo comes out with new shoes almost daily. i tend to look at their site often and always find something new to covet. these adorable sandals are my latest covet and i want them to be yours. they come in black, white or blue and the lucky winner gets to choose their favorite.

here is how to enter...
* become a classy covet follower
* become a fan of zooshoo on facebook
* tell me where you would wear these adorable shoes
** don't forget, the comments are your entries, so share what you did to enter

remember you get 10% off your entire purchase during my giveaways at
type in CLASSYCOVET at checkout to see your discount

this giveaway will end august 15th at midnight.
check back august 16th to see if your the lucky winner.
good luck!!!!
**this giveaway is for u.s. residents only**

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

who doesn't love a giveaway?

as you know, i love doing giveaways and i try to do them as often as i can.
so this post has been written with a few items in mind.

* first of all, i like to let giveaway sites know about my giveaways to spread the word on them and give blog readers a chance to find my site through other sites. one site i always let know about my giveaways is Blog Giveaways. they post giveaways that other blogs and sites are featuring and update their information almost daily. you can always find my giveaways there. i also added a button to their blog on my sidebar, so check out their giveaway finds.

the other site you will start to see my giveaways featured on is Giveaways Scout. they too list giveaways that other blogs feature. their site is user friendly and i especially love how they list their giveaways, including pictures and descriptions. you can find their button on my sidebar as well. check out these great sites and good luck on winning the free stuff. i love winning free stuff, who doesn't?!?!

* the second part of this post is to let you know i want to feature your items and giveaway your stuff! i love discovering creative talent in homemade items and i love discovering great deals! i need your help in discovering what you love and what you want the world to see in a giveaway. if you are interested in doing a giveaway on my site, please email me at

Thursday, July 1, 2010

janelleybeads giveaway

do you remember my post on these adorable handmade pieces of jewelry? well, i am giving
some away and i couldn't be more excited about it. i love doing giveaways where i can support
a creative artist and share their talent with my readers.

the winner of this giveaway will get a leaf necklace and matching earrings (silver or bronze)
you can view all of janelleybeads items at this etsy site, and please do, she has lots to share. everything she sells is so affordable and shipping is only $1.39, yes, under $2!!

here is how to enter
* be/become a classy covet follower
* add janelley beads as a favorite seller at
* if you purchase one or more of her items during this giveaway, you get 3 entries
** don't forget to leave one comment for each entry

this giveaway will end july 22nd at midnight,
so check back on the 23rd to see if you're the lucky winner.
good luck!!!!


i am so excited to announce the winner of these shoes.
why? because i have them, love them and wear them almost every day!!
the winner of these cute flats is...


congratulations Vittoria and thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway. we, of course will have more giveaways soon; another zooshoo and another craft from stay tuned!

Vittoria, please email the following information to
your full name and address as well as the color and size of this cute flat you want.

Monday, June 28, 2010

tote errific

are you ready to go to the pool or the beach, but you just don't have the perfect tote?
here are a couple darling ones that classy covet has found for you.
they are also great if you are going on a quick over night trip.
convertible tote by nine west: was $99, now $68.99

Monday, June 21, 2010

made in the pitts giveaway winner!

the lucky gal that won this craft giveaway is...


who said, "My worst craft disaster: I spent hours prepping, priming, and painting a small desk (and we're talking a fancy decorative paint job here). While moving it to it's designated spot, I dropped it and it broke into many bits of wood which ended up in the dumpster."

congratulations!! i am so sorry about the devastating disaster. it's always nice to know
other people go through them too. but this one is so sad, i want to cry for you.

thank you to everyone who entered and check back for more giveaways!!

Denise, please email me ( your full name, address and
which item you would like from this etsy site and your prize will be to you shortly.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

want another entry?

one of my good friends and creative gurus made this awesome button you can add to your blog.
just copy and paste the html code under the picture (from my sidebar) onto your sidebar
and you get another entry for the zooshoo shoes. make sure to leave another comment on the giveaway with your blog address once you have added the button to your sidebar.

Monday, June 7, 2010

summer bag

do you have your handbag for the summer?

i have found some great deals from nordstrom i wanted to share. of course i want them all
so i have added them to my covet list. i hope you can enjoy one or two of your favorites!
orange pleated leather hobo: was $128, now $63.90
yellow steve madden hobo: was $198, now $98.90
pink cole haan hobo: was $325, now $159.90
natural tarnish cotton hobo: was $68, now $33.90

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

zooshoo giveaway- ended

lucky for my readers, i love this season and the good mood it puts me in.
therefore i am doing another giveaway. i haven't done a double giveaway before, but why not?
more prizes, more chances to win, wahoo!!
i recently purchased these zooshoo shoes and loved them so much i wanted you to have a
pair of your own. the lucky winner (as always) will get to chose their color (red, turquoise,
black, gold, white, or tan) and size (5.5-10, depending on what is available).

here is how to enter...
* share this giveaway with a friend
blog about it, facebook about it, become a zooshoo fan on facebook or your own creative way
* leave a comment letting me know how and what you did
the more ways you share, the more entries you get

*remember, when you purchase shoes from zooshoo during my giveaways, you get
10% off your entire purchase. enter promo code: CLASSYCOVET at checkout

this giveaway will go through the month of june, ending at midnight on june 30th. make
sure to check back on july 1st to see if you are the lucky winner. good luck!
*you must be a resident in the US to enter*

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

craft giveaway by "made in the pitts"

i always wish i were more crafty and creative. i find so many cute things online
and covet the talent. lucky for me i can just find homemade crafts, purchase them and
take credit. okay, i don't take the credit, i just covet the creativity.

this new etsy shop has just opened up and i am here to share it with you. i have always loved this girl's amazing talent and i want everything she has created. you can be a lucky owner of one of her items. if you win this giveaway, you get to choose one item from her shop. yours! free!

here's how to enter:

* 1 entry- being/becoming a follower of classy covet
* 1 entry- being/becoming a follower of life in the pitts
* leave a comment sharing your craft disaster

giveaway ends june 20th, so check back on the 21st to see if your the lucky winner!
good luck!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

sandal giveaway winner

congratulations to the winner of our zooshoo sandal giveaway
please email me at with your shoe size, color choice, full name and address and your shoes will be on their way. click here to see your choices
thanks to everyone who entered and shared this giveaway with their friends. we will have another zooshoo giveaway soon as well as some creative, etsy giveaways. stay tuned!!