Tuesday, February 2, 2010

crafting covet

crafts are one of those things i can't do to save my life. i have attempted, but before i
even start a project i know i am doomed to failure. so crafty items are left for me
to covet because there is no way i can make them myself. i have a very crafty friend
who can throw a bunch of garbage together and it looks good, i am sure it would smell good,
too. she has a blog to share her ideas and directions. these are a few of her crafts that i covet;
valentine's decor, magnet board, checker board


  1. Aw, thanks guys. Tiffany, you are welcome to come craft with my anytime. And Chantel, you are not invited. But only because you live so far away (and because I hate your guts).

  2. SUCH A talented gal that one!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) ;)