Tuesday, July 13, 2010

who doesn't love a giveaway?

as you know, i love doing giveaways and i try to do them as often as i can.
so this post has been written with a few items in mind.

* first of all, i like to let giveaway sites know about my giveaways to spread the word on them and give blog readers a chance to find my site through other sites. one site i always let know about my giveaways is Blog Giveaways. they post giveaways that other blogs and sites are featuring and update their information almost daily. you can always find my giveaways there. i also added a button to their blog on my sidebar, so check out their giveaway finds.

the other site you will start to see my giveaways featured on is Giveaways Scout. they too list giveaways that other blogs feature. their site is user friendly and i especially love how they list their giveaways, including pictures and descriptions. you can find their button on my sidebar as well. check out these great sites and good luck on winning the free stuff. i love winning free stuff, who doesn't?!?!

* the second part of this post is to let you know i want to feature your items and giveaway your stuff! i love discovering creative talent in homemade items and i love discovering great deals! i need your help in discovering what you love and what you want the world to see in a giveaway. if you are interested in doing a giveaway on my site, please email me at classycovet@gmail.com.

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