Thursday, September 2, 2010

csn stores review

before i took the time to write my review, i wanted the full csn stores experience.
now that i have had it, here i go.

after being approached by the great people at csn about doing a review, i went right on their site to find exactly what i wanted. i would compare this site to others like it has a little of everything. i browsed their site adding many things to my cart, but holding back to just get one great thing (my budget would allow) for the time being and to test out the experience.

i found the item i wanted and discovered that it was out of stock. to my excitement, they had the choice of emailing me when it was again available, i was so excited i signed right up. i also emailed the company hoping they could tell me when it would be back in stock. i wasn't expecting anything because i had done this sort of thing before and stores always told me they don't have any idea when an item will be re-stocked. to my great surprise i received an email back within a couple hours telling me when they assumed it would be back. i was thrilled to get any date at all.

a week or so later, i received another email from csn with a coupon code for my next order as an apology that my item wasn't in yet. wow! what great customer service. i thought that was a great way to keep the customer happy and i had never seen anything like it.

when the assuming date arrived, i looked online and the item wasn't in still, but it was just 3 days later. that's good enough for me. i got the email telling me it was available and i went right on and bought it. the purchasing part was just as easy as everything else and they accept paypal, wahoo!

i went with the most basic shipping because i tend to like to save the money. though it was still a little pricey for my liking, i received my item in about a week.
overall, i was very satisfied with my transaction and with csn stores. i will be shopping there again.

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