Thursday, September 9, 2010

guest coveter - leslie

fall frenzy

I love sweaters. I think my love for sweaters is unhealthy. Seriously. But I love them. Cardigans. Pullovers. Hoodies. Vests. Wraps. Chunky. Thin. Anything. I love sweaters. Everyone looks good in a sweater. And thankfully, summer is over, and I can start wearing sweaters again. But sweaters are not the only amazing thing about fall. Tights. Yes. I can go two seasons without shaving my legs and still looking fantastic in skirts and dresses. Yum. I also love the colors of fall. Deep blues. Oranges. Tan. Grey. Rich purples. Yellows. Reds. Black. Green. I might only wear blue, grey, black and tan, but I still love looking at the colors of fall.

So, cue fantasy fall shopping.

images from toast and j.crew

If I had to sum fall up in one word, it would be easy: COZY.

special thanks to leslie for sharing her love for fall and her sweater covets!

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  1. I just acquired some lace intended for a A for this very reason! Although we're still a few months away from having weather warm enough to make such a creation

    Women's Clothing I'm planning to dye mine too. I want something brighter!